Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Holidays are Here!

Are you ready for the holidays? Have you made the list of presents you want? How about the people you are gifting? There are so many different gift ideas, but only very few that are affordable!

Here are a few suggestions...
1. Visit your nearest dollar store.
There are so many options at the dollar store, believe it or not. Go to your nearest and find lotions and bath soaps, all only a dollar! You can put together a gift basket, this adds a personal touch to your gift also.

2. Make a keepsake...
If you are gifting someone close to you then you could maybe make a framed picture collage it is inexpensive and something that comes from the heart! You could also find photo websites on the internet that will allow you to personalize different things like golf towels, mouse pads, and aprons with a photo!

3. Personal Stockings...
I made personalized stockings this year for my friends. I bought plain white stockings and used glue and glitter to draw designs and write their names on the stockings. Inside of the stockings you can fill it with Candy, little beauty gifts like lipgloss, or anything you think they'd like. The main idea of this Stocking idea is to personalize it!

Hope this helped you guys!!!
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